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Acupressure is an alternative therapy or a branch of alternative medicines where a cure to ailments is effected by application of pressure on the surface of the body according to the principles of acupressure or acupuncture.  It has practically no side effects.

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What is Acupressure ?

Acupressure is a science and an art that is generally classified as "Massage Therapy" and categorized as a branch of "Traditional Chinese Medicines" or "Oriental Medicines".

Some forms of Acupressure are however of the nature of their origin in Japan, Korea or India.

Ailments in which Acupressure is effective :

This therapist (the author and owner of this site) has experienced positive results of acupressure therapy in many ailments.   Note that acupressure may be used as a complementary or a supplementary therapy along with the conventional medicinal practices or effectively as an individual therapy by itself.  Acupressure therapist's knowledge, acumen, skills and wisdom are very important in effecting a good cure.  Since the diagnosis, identification of the root cause of the ailment and administering proper treatment as per the principles of Acupressure are very important in effecting a good cure, the adroitness and acumen of the therapist are very important.

Types of ailments cured :

The author of this site (the therapist) has experienced very positive results of Acupressure in Heart ailments, circulatory system problems and ailments of hypertension and blood pressure.  Diabetes has been cured effectively and brought under control.  Various pains of joints, knee pain, ailments or discomforts of bones and muscles have been cured.  Chronic Asthma has also been cured.  This therapy has been effective in liver as well as kidney problems.
Acupressure can been effective in curing almost any ailment, discomfort or disease.
Even in ailments where the conventional medicine does not give fast, effective or permanent cure the Acupressure can be very effective.

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Some therapeutic experiences of the author

This author's experience is that Acupressure is effective in almost any ailment.  It gives good results fast.  It has no side effects.

Ailments in which the conventional medicines are not very effective or are too time consuming or costly, Acupressure has shown very good results and cures fast and effectively.

Location of Therapist :

The therapist is located in Mumbai India.

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About this website :                                                                                                 

This site has information on Acupressure Therapy and its definition.  General information and types of ailments in which this therapy has been effective are also described.

It also has a brief information on the history of and various types of Acupressure and similar therapies.  It touches briefly on the science and art of acupressure and how acupressure works.

The author of this site, the therapist is a qualified and registered practitioner of Alternative Medicines within India. 

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Details on types of ailments cured

The author of this site has a clinic in Mumbai city, India.  To get an appointment of the therapist send an email to the email address provided in : "Contact us" section.


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What is Acupressure ?

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Typical Acupressure sessions

Various Types of Acupressure

History of Acupressure

Contact the therapist (author of this website)

Disclaimer - Important Please Read

Disclaimer :

The author of this site is a qualified and registered practitioner of
alternative therapies including Acupressure in India.
His clinic is located in Mumbai.
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Disclaimer - Important Please Read

The reader or readers of this website should read the Disclaimer section in full and understand it well prior to considering any of the information on this site.  As  mentioned in Disclaimer section, the author absolves all responsibility about the information, statements and content presented on this site including its validity, applicability and any usage in considering it for any minor or major decision making or in thoughts.

The  author absolves all responsibilities regarding the information presented on this website or web pages whether the information is used by anyone or any entity or entities to decide upon usage or non usage of any therapy, treatment or course of medical attention or not used for deciding on any therapy, treatment or course of medical attention.